Saudi Arabia to Send Special Saudi Armed Troops in Syria: Saudi Foreign Minister


The Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia Adel Al-Jubeir said on Monday that we have offered to deploy our special forces in order to provide handsome support for coalition ground operations against the Syrian Islamic State group.

The United States of America welcomed the Saudi offer to join coalition forces in the war against terrorism. The Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir met with the U.S Secretary of State John Kerry and issued a press statement that any kind of operation to be led by U.S, but Saudi Special Forces would perform a leading role in the ground operations. The government of the United States is also showing his positive support regarding the offer of Saudi Arabia in providing Special Armed Forces for the ground operations in Syria.

Al-Jubeir added that International coalition would take decision for the Saudi offer and then Saudi Arabia would be a part of International Coalition Forces. The U.S support came from the State Department of White House and it was being considered natural for the U.S Secretary of State to support this kind of offer. Al-Jubeir further added that the idea for supposed ground operation was come from Washington and the United States is expecting to lead the strong coalition of 65 members against the Islamic State in Syria. The spokesman of the U.S State Department John Kirby also confirmed that Washington welcomed the offer of Saudi Arabia, but it is under discussion. He didn’t comment about the timing and nature of any supposed ground operation in Syria.

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