Security Forces Claims to Control 25% of Fallujah


The security forces of Iraq claims to secure more than 25% are of Fallujah. The area is under the control of government controlled security forces. The operation commander said the area not only released from the control of ISIS but it is clear now to visit. It is common practice of ISIS and its sub organization that they plant IEDs, mines and booby-trapped homes to target security forces when they retreat from a region.

We have seen several casualties in different cases. Therefore; security forces take utmost care while clearing a region for common people. According to security forces, there were so many houses booby-trapped in the Fallujah that are clear now. It also diffused large number of IEDs that often destroys the whole buildings and cause many deaths.

The security forces statistics shows that 8000 IEDs were diffused during the clearing operation in 25% area of Fallujah. The total number of booby trapped houses were 1560 that is the highest number in the total 25% of the region. The militants were running more than 50 explosive laboratories in the city that were destroyed by security forces of Iraq. The security forces of Iraq are expecting more than ten times more IEDs, booby trapped houses and weapon depots.

security forces

The 25% area is not a smaller part of the total region. It is big region and its twenty five percent is not a small area. 240km long road of the city is also cleared by security forces to ensure the save travel of internally displaced people to their homes in Fallujah. The political administration with the help of security forces of Iraq is working to rehabilitate the basic services in the city. They are also encouraging people IDPs to return to their homes to the Fallujah.

The Iraq government has also launched a program to make the nerves of the people stronger than ever before to defeat ISIS morally. The government wants to remove the threats of ISIS from the mind of the people. The war experts believe that ISIS will be vanished from Iraq the day when people of Iraq stood before the militants of ISIS without fear. The government is trying to remove threats of ISIS from its people. Contrary to this, one group of the experts believes that ISIS militants are also considered as hero for some Iraq people too.

They are supporting them and providing them moral and financial support. You must also keep the facts of sectarian war in the Iraq. At the time of previous Iraqi prime minister Nor Al Maliki a discriminative treatment was seen with the Sunni minority in Iraq that lead to join ISIS for Iraq young people against Iraq government.

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