Security Forces deployed to handle “Sit-ins” event in Baghdad


The Baghdad Provincial Council Security Committee warned about taking advantage of “Suicide attacks” by Daash organization in the event of “Sit-ins” by targeting the security in the capital Baghdad.

A member of the Security Committee Saad Al-Mutalabi said in a press interview that Daash terrorists can hit any security check point in the Iraqi provinces. Because they don’t differentiate between protesters and security personals, they just need to kill Iraqi people. He further added in his statement that the event of “Sin-ins” in the capital of Baghdad can disturb the security situation in the Iraqi capital in maintaining the law and order situation. This event would be harmful for all the Iraqi citizens, but it will provide more benefits to terrorists and Daash Organization.


Al-Mutalabi further added that Iraqi government called the Iraqi security forces from the battle fields in the Baghdad province in order to maintain the security of Iraqi capital. The Iraqi security forces have been deployed to control over in the fear of terrorists attacks. It is expected that they might attack on security check points and in the crowed and tents of demonstrators in the Iraqi capital Baghdad. He further added that Muqtada Al-Sadr should call back of “Sit-ins” and come to the dialogue table to find solutions, regarding reforms issues. It is important thousands of protesters have started the construction of tents sit-ins in the front of Green Zone in the Central Baghdad and it was called by the cleric Muqtada Al-Sadr after Friday prayers. Point to be noted that Iraqi government has given special permissions to law and security agencies in maintaining peace and security in the capital Baghdad.

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