Security forces liberate one of the oldest doors of Mosul, “Daa’ish”


Nineveh Media Center announced on Tuesday the liberation of one of the oldest gates of the city of Mosul, north of Baghdad, from the grip of the terrorist organization “Daa’ish”. The center, for its own security sources, released the Bab Sinjar area, “the first neighborhoods of the old city – the last bastion of the organization” Daa’ish “in the right coast of Mosul, the center of Nineveh in northern Iraq.

The center added that the forces of the anti-terrorism forces are on the outskirts of the old Mosul area, where they maintained a petition with the federal police stationed there. The center said that the hours ahead, will see the storming of Iraqi forces, the last stronghold of “Daa’ish”, in the old city to restore.

It is noteworthy that Bab Sinjar is one of the old doors of Mosul, which was seized by the terrorist organization “Daa’ish” in mid-2014, and lost control of most of its areas and justify coast and much of the right in a battle launched by the Iraqi forces since 17 October 2016.

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