Selected New Iraqi Cabinet by Al-Abadi will pass despite the decisions of Committees: Legal Experts


The Deputy Head of the Iraqi Parliamentary Legal Committee Mohsin Al-Sadoun issued a press statement that most of the suggested ministers in the list presented by Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi will be approved and voted by the majority in the Iraqi House of Representatives, despite the decisions of committees.

He delivered his words in a press interview and said that current committees don’t have their active ministry heads, but the specialists in the committees would analyze the biography of their suggested candidates concerning to their ministry. He pointed out that according to the Iraqi constitution; the committees don’t have power to reject the selected candidates presented by the Iraqi Prime Minister at the Iraqi House of Representatives in forming a new cabinet of ministers.

iraqi terminated cabinet jpg format

Al-Sadoun further added and confirmed that the decision of committees will not force Iraqi Prime Minister, but their analysis would provide a handsome support in the selection of new ministers and forming new Iraqi cabinet of ministers. He pointed out that Iraqi Prime Minister is welcoming all the suggestions from committees and from Iraqi political blocs, but it should be finalized before the deadline announced by the Iraqi House of Representatives. The Iraqi Prime Minister forwarded a supposed list of ministers for his cabinet in the House of Representatives in the parliament session held on 31st March 2016. The Iraqi prime minister presented the list of 16 selected candidates for his cabinet. It is important that he merged the Interior and Defense ministries.

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