Senior UNICEF Official Baquer Namazi arrested by Iranian Authorities


The former senior UN official Baquer Namazi age 80 years has been arrested by the Iranian authorities due to having dual nationality of America and Iran, but it would not be the reason for his arrest.

It is important that his son Siamak Namazi was awkwardly arrested in the month of October 2015, at the time of offensive interrogations by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps with the help of Iranian Intelligence Organization in Tehran. It is very bad news that at least four months have been passed, but there is not any kind of information about the arrest factors and allegations.

Despite the original arrest, the current arrest of Baquer Namazi is a clear clash with the core Islamic values, basic human rights and overall constitutional implementation in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The online media captured and covered very well the transparent track record of Siamak Namazi. The former senior UNICEF official and the representative of civil society Baquer Namazi has been admired for his struggle in poverty elimination, education of children and his provided protection in the war conditions, and his overall participation in the social development in most of the countries such as Kenya, Thailand, Somalia and Egypt. It is important that a historic nuclear agreement took place in the month of July and the agreement plan was implemented in the month of January 2016 for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. This agreement has been providing point to point solution after a long decade nuclear deadlock.

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