Serious secrets and details of the presence of Baghdadi in Al-Baaj


The Guardian newspaper published a report by Martin Schloff entitled “Death lies in every corner of the former stronghold of Baghdadi.” As the newspaper revealed details related to safe houses inhabited by the leader of the organization in the Baaj and the horror of the population of it, she pointed out that the liberated Ba’aj will remain one of the Iraqi towns that will need weeks to dismantle “It’s dangerous secrets”. “In the heart of the town, which has embraced a Baathist organization in Iraq, its presence is still lurking in looted files and destroyed buildings,” the author said.

He added that “the elements of the organization were keen to take what they could carry while heading to the desert in Syria, but they justify behind evidence to reflect the importance of this town to the north-west of Iraq for its fugitive leader and the organization, which is one of the most dangerous terrorist organizations in the world.” The writer highlighted one of the buildings in this town, with an explosive belt on one wall and found some guns in one corner, as well as time bombs and the remains of sticky tapes on a floor filled with gasoline. How to dress and behave. He added that half of the building was a missile manufacturing plant and the other half for the management of the terrorist institution where fines, invoices and individual identities were issued.

In an interview with an Al-Ba’aj resident, Sobhi said they learned during the organization’s control of the town not to ask questions about the organization’s leader even though they knew he lived among them. “It is very dangerous to go and investigate what is happening or just asking the subject of Baghdadi “. “Baghdadi had about 10 safe houses in the town, but no one had the courage to ask about the house where al-Baghdadi lives,” said another man.

“We know that he lived among us and that he spent about two years in the town and stayed here until March for sure.” “This organization will remain one of the Iraqi towns that will need weeks to break its dangerous secrets,” he said.

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