Shabandar revealed that Ba’athist minister saved him


The Iraqi politician, Azabat Shabandar, revealed on Wednesday the details of his rescue by a Sunni minister during the former regime’s regime after he was sentenced to death, pointing out that he seeks to divide the Shiite house. Shabandar said in a television interview, “The difference does not spoil the issue,” saying that “Iraqi National is the only project born in a climate of sectarian projects, and witness the birth of a Shiite coalition and Sunni consensus and a coalition of Kurds while Iraq has no sectarian trait And not ethnic. ” He added that he “did not regret his departure from Iraq and the rule of law,” explaining that he “came out of the two at the height of their strength, and against the backdrop of disagreement with their leadership and not their project.”

He said that he “entered the ranks of the Dawa party and is 17 years old,” noting that “I found myself in the boat schism.” “The movement of the mother’s army is the deep Islamic thought that reads history from Adam until the appearance of Imam al-Mahdi, and a doctrinal and objective reading and believes that the battle of the devil and Edem is reflected on the ground, and that Satan’s authority in the land is the Zionists.” He pointed out that he “reached execution twice, the first in 1974 and the second in 1977, and Dr. Ezzat Mustafa was a minister at the time, who mediated strongly and around the execution to the release of a Sunni and a wonderful man, and punished by Saddam for this, and his refusal to issue death sentences on Activists Khan text “.

“My manifestations are very clear, the Baath Party is people, men and women,” he said. “In political Islam, others are not human.” “I am Iran’s strategic ally because I understand what Iran’s role is in the real battle with the Zionists, but it differs in the way Iran’s policy is conducted in Iraq,” he said. “The Islamic revolution is a very important turning point in the history movement, .

“I am trying to divide the Shiite house and I do not want the unity of a Shiite house, because the unity of the Shiite house causes the unity of the Sunni house, and the Shiite home needs an ally. Iran is justifying the Sunni seeking an ally, Saudi Arabia or Turkey, and justifying the alliance with anyone,” he said. Its failure since 2003 and the single house did not maintain its unity. “

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