Shabandar: The popular crowd is not holy, calling it the beginning of the “dictatorship”


Political thinker and writer Ghaleb Hassan al-Shabandar considered the popular crowd not to be holy, describing it as the beginning of a new subversion and the creation of a dictatorship.

“The popular crowd is not sacred, and some of its actions can be criticized, even its propositions,” Shabandar said in a leaflet on his Facebook page, read by Iraqi Reporter. “His characterization of the sacred signifies a greedy beginning, but the start of a frightening dictatorship that hurts the crowd itself before hurting its enemies. And many, and the question of the fate of the crowd draft anyway, Iraq is going through a very sensitive stage. ”

Shabandar added that “some of the leaders of the crowd claim that the task of the crowd goes beyond the liberation of Iraq from the oppressor, but is the title of the international Islamic revolution and international, and therefore should not be officially confirmed, but must be armed with the highest weapons and freedom to exercise his libertarian role in the whole world , In any part of this world has had the opportunity available, “pointing out that,” Another theory says that the crowd ideological-oriented, to follow the mandate of the jurisprudent of the guide of the Iranian revolution, and therefore is not bound to the fatwa of Najaf, and is not obliged to follow the commander-in-chief of the Iraqi forces Armed, therefore, that the fate of the crowd is tied first and last by it The orientation lumpy, it’s Iraqi descent, but nodular affiliation. ”

He pointed out that “there are those who believe that the crowd should be committed to Iraq in terms of political, military and organizational affiliation, and that it must be subject to the Iraqi state exclusively, and it is not harmful to remain armed factions of the Iraqi army, and there are those who insist that the crowd turns into a building, Civilian, working on the reconstruction of Iraq by hand and machine and planning, and thus turn into a civilian hero, and built for Iraq. ”

The Shabandar said earlier that the Shiites of Iraq on their way to extinction because of their patriotism, indicating that they follow the mandate of the jurist in Iran and implement his policies regardless of national interest, “adding that” the mandate of the jurist political influence more than religious influence “.

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