Sharp differences within the “Sunni forces” after giving Saudi Arabia $ 140 million to hold the “Baghdad conference”


London – The newspaper Al-Arabi al-Jadeed, published in London on Monday, expressed sharp tension within the coalition of Iraqi forces that could threaten the withdrawal of parties from them. The reason for the tension is the dispute over the mechanism of the distribution of $ 140 million provided by Saudi Arabia to these forces, most notably the Islamic Party of Iraq.

The newspaper quoted in the issue today, a member of parliament and a leader in the coalition of Iraqi forces (unnamed) that “sharp differences occurred between the blocks of this alliance, against the backdrop of Saudi Arabia provided $ 140 million in support of the arrangement of the Sunni political house in Baghdad, Rehabilitation of major cities liberated from the organization of a preacher.”

He pointed out that “the seventy million dollars allocated to the blocks of the coalition (Iraqi forces) and parties that will participate in the reconciliation conference next week, caused severe differences on the mechanism of distribution between the blocks.”

He explained that “there is a team believes that the distribution must be according to the number of seats of each party in parliament, and went to other parties to adopt the criterion of weight of the party in the street.”

He added that “others objected to the proposals, and demanded that take into account the status of some parties that do not have parliamentary seats or positions in the government, and does not have a channel of funding for its activities, while others demanded the observance of the destruction of the headquarters of the parties and the houses of their leaders,” he said.

“The amount allocated by Riyadh came under an agreement that half of it is allocated to the main liberated cities to rehabilitate water, electricity and important infrastructure, but it was also disputed over the main cities to be targeted, And the way of spending the amount, “as he put it.

He pointed out that “the dispute has escalated and reached the point of starting to collect signatures to remove MP Ahmad Al-Masari, the head of the coalition (Iraqi forces) within the parliament and put the names of Representatives Talal Zobaie, and Mohammed Tamim, and others instead.”

It is hoped that the Iraqi reconciliation conference, which includes Iraqi Sunni opposition figures, will be held in Baghdad in mid-July, with the aim of developing a vision for a stage after the organization calling and correcting the political process in the country under international and international auspices.

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