Sheer Gas Field in Syria destroyed by Islamic State group


On Monday, powerful blasts destroyed the major gas field in the central Syria. The source added that the Islamic State (IS) group is blasting pumping stations.

The Shee gas field was considered one of the largest gas fields in the central province of Homs. It has been considered a heavy fighting area between the loyalists of Syrian government and terrorists of Islamic State. The representative of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Rami Abdul Rehman indicated that at least 3 heavy explosions were took place by the militants of Islamic State on Monday. He further added that Islamic State has planned to destroy a number of pumping stations of Sheer gas field.

Sheer gas field blasted

Abdul Rehman didn’t immediately mention about the number of casualties. These explosions were also shocking Palmyra. This is an ancient oasis city and it is about 30 miles (50 km) in the southeast of Sheer gas field. Point to be noted that Syrian armed forces recaptured Palmyra city from Islamic State group on 27th March 2016. The Islamic State group ruled at least 10 months over the city. It is important that last week Islamic State seized the Sheer gas field, but the Syrian army and government supporter militias imposed a heavy battle and took it back. On Monday, the Syrian news agency “SANA” reported that Syrian armed forces seized a hilltop located at the west of the gas field, but didn’t mention the number of blasts.

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