Some Countries not cooperative to give back Iraqi Smuggled Money: Integrity Committee


A member of the Iraqi Parliamentary Integrity Committee issued a statement that there are some countries that ride out on smuggled Iraqi funds and they have washed those funds.

A member of the Integrity Committee Adel Nouri said in a press statement that Iraq made contacts with some countries to find out the value of smuggled money, but there are some countries not cooperating and continuously whitening these funds, and most of the funds have been washed out. He also pointed out that these funds would provide handsome support of investment in these countries due to the value of smuggled money is estimated in billions of U.S dollars. This heavy amount is more difficult to get-back, but it is much necessary for Iraq to support the economic condition in the country.

Adel Nouri further added that Iraq will not be able to recover smuggled money except prearranged private put back and the holding of common understandings. The Iraqi government should put pressure on these countries in order to get back the Iraqi stolen money. He pointed out that Integrity Committee said in the House of Representatives that Integrity Committee has discovered locations of some corrupt elements who managed smuggling Iraqi money to abroad. The Parliamentary Legal Committee said that Iraqi government should investigate the accounts and balances of these corrupt elements.

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