Some Iraqi Political Blocs not in the favor of supposed change of Ministers: Sahlani


On Friday, the Head of Iraqi reform bloc Hilal Sahlani issued a statement and incriminated that most of the Iraqi political blocs will not be agreed with the government and will not allow implementing reforms and supposed essential changes.

He further added in his press statement that Iraqi government needs a massive support to in order to make essential changes in the Iraqi cabinet of ministers and to implement reforms, as it was declared by the Iraqi Prime Minister that some extra-ordinary changes are essential to move the wheel of Iraqi economy and to implement reforms.

He pointed out that most of the Iraqi political blocs are executing jingles in public getting their support and to stop the change in the cabinet of ministers. But originally, they would not allow for the execution of the reforms. They would utilize all their potential power to disturb the ministerial change in the Iraqi cabinet, but it would not be in the best interest of the country. Sahlani further added that Iraqi government should have handsome support from Iraqi political blocs, as the Iraqi government has requested to support for the supposed change in the Iraqi cabinet of ministers and to any upcoming fundamental changes by the execution of reforms. The government called all the Iraqi political blocs to help in forming a much better cabinet of ministers.

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