Source reveals the reduction of salaries of the three presidencies


Revealed a source familiar with, Sunday, that the Council of Ministers will discuss in its next draft bill to reduce the salaries of the three presidencies before submission to Parliament.

The source said quoting a government adviser in an interview with “Al-Manar Press” followed by “Sky Press”, “The meeting of the Council of Ministers next Tuesday will include a discussion on a bill to set a schedule to reduce the salaries of the three presidencies by 12% and then raise the House of Representatives to vote on him.

The source said the law had been postponed several times due to resentment received from the heads of government and parliament, but the government insisted on it because of the economic situation in the country.

The law was not the first of its kind, reduced on two previous occasions after a package of reforms announced by Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi following the demonstrations in the country and popular claims.

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