Special meeting between Al-Abadi & Iraqi Integrity Commission


The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi stressed the importance of the elimination of capital base corruption and its leaders. He said that there are big names involved in corruption and those big heads should be behind the bars for their massive corruption in the public money.

The information office of the Iraqi Prime Minister issued a statement that Al-Abadi arranged a special meeting with a number of integrity judges. He said in this meeting that corruption files have their own importance and the integrity judges should open those corruption files, despite the heavy pressure from multiple directions and sources. He stressed to open corruption files and start the process according to the nature of corruption, but they should not take any kind of internal, external, and political or any kind of pressure and resolve the cases quickly and honestly.

He also pointed out that the capital base corruption is more critical and it should be eliminated including their heads. He said that cooperation between the executive, judicial and regulatory authorities has its importance. It is important that there would be big heads and leader involved in corruption and those major elements should behind the bars. He said that Integrity Committee will work according to the law and they should perform their duty without any fear and exception because financial criminals should be punished and put them behind the bars regardless their connection with any political party. He said that we will succeed and we all should work according to the law and in the best interests of Iraqi people.

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