Special Meeting between Iraqi Defense Minister and German Ambassador


On Sunday afternoon 28th February 2016, the Iraqi Defense Minister Dr. Khalid Al-Obeidi met with the German ambassador Eckhard Pradesh Joe Wakim at the ministry’s headquarters in Baghdad.

They discussed during the meeting regarding the bilateral relations and military collaboration between Iraq and Germany, and the handsome support by the German government to the Iraqi Government and to Iraqi citizens in the war against Daash and terrorism.

The German ambassador Joe Wakim delivered his words on the behalf of German government and confirmed support for Iraqi government and the Iraqi people. He added that we will continue our support for Iraqi people and Iraqi armed forces in the fight against terrorism. He also pointed out that German Government would provide various types of military support such as for the training of Iraqi security forces and many other related areas.

Watch meeting video at https://youtu.be/UxnYBsvexC4

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