Special Meeting held between Iraqi Central Bank and Iraqi Private Banks Association


The Head of Iraqi Private Banks Association, Wadee Al-Handal said that Iraqi Central Bank should increase support for Iraqi banking sector in the country in order to participate this sector in restructuring the Iraqi economic and financial condition.

He also stressed that there should be a much better cooperation and coordination between Iraqi Central Bank and Iraqi banking sector. Al-Handal delivered his words during a session hosted by the Iraqi Central Bank and invited Iraqi Private Banks Association to take initial steps in forming a legal committee and this committee should be capable to deliver the voice of banks in front of the judicial authorities to pay the charges referred legally. He stressed that Iraqi Private Banks have played an important humanitarian role for Iraqi displaced people.

He added that our country is on the path of recovery as our security forces liberalized Anbar and Salahuddin provinces from terrorists of Daash and ISIS militants and extremists, especially the preparations for the liberation of Nineveh province. He stressed that all board of directors of Iraqi private banks to perform their active role in humanitarian contributions more perfectly and effectively. It is important that donor’s conference has been planned in the month of April in Jordan. The upcoming conference has its own importance. The success of the conference depends on the efforts by encouraging two ways, first is human side and other is finding States and International Organizations in getting their support according to their capacity for the development in the country.

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