Special Meeting of CBI Governor with Union of Arab Banks


The Governor of Iraqi Central Bank Ali Mohsin Ismail said that Central Bank is much dedicated to reform politics and restoration of all services and activities at the Iraqi Central Bank in collaboration with the Arab Union Banks headquarter located in Beirut on long-term basis.

A press statement issued by the General Secretariat of the Arab Union Banks that the Secretary General of the Federation Sam Hassan Fattouh participated in a meeting during his visit, in the presence of a member of Board of Directors of the Federation and Iraqi representative Kazem fistula and a number of senior managers of the Union. This meeting was held to discuss the development in the banking relationship of Arab and Lebanese banking with Iraqi banking sector.

The statement further indicated that a brief discussion took place on the strategic planning to strengthen the interactive activities in the Arab world. The main agenda discussed about the economic forum held in Iraqi capital Baghdad and this forum discussion was organized by the Iraqi Central Bank. The Association of Iraqi Private Banks and the Union of Arab Banks participated in this discussion regarding the Iraqi economy and investment opportunities in the Iraqi private banking sector. The CBI Governor stressed that Iraqi Central Bank has focused on reform politics and reconstruction work of the Iraqi Central Bank for restoration of all services and collaboration on long term technical basis with the Union of Arab Banks. The Secretary General of the Union defined the role of Union in the development of financial attachment in Iraq and other Arab countries.

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