Supposed conditions of IMF to change Iraqi budget 2016 are not acceptable: Finance Committee


On Sunday, a member of the Iraqi Parliamentary Finance Committee Ahmed Serhan issued a statement that we are not looking to invite the International Monetary Fund in order to reduce the Iraqi federal budget 2016 according to their principles in exchange for the issuance of loans.

Serhan said in a press interview that Iraqi budget 2016 is considered a federal law and the Iraqi House of Representatives had voted on it after expending a large amount of time for preparing and discussion on the Iraqi Federal Budget 2016. This budget can’t be changed just by a veto on the Federal Court law and we are unable to send it back to the Iraqi House of Representatives to change it according to some specific paragraphs. The proposal also needs signature of at least 50 deputies according to some specific conditions before submission for modification.


He added that we are unable to decrease the original budget because it was already compressed. The salaries of employees, retirees, ration card and fuel subsidies have been considered a red line and it would not be compromised. He said that we believe that there is not any kind of risk in getting international loans due to it represents a specific agreement signed between the Iraqi government and the International Monetary Fund. He pointed out that we refuse any kind of dictate or condition planned by the International Monetary Fund in exchange of getting loans. He added that IMF needs to impose some conditions and dictations or interference would not be accepted in any situation.

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