Syrian Al-Assad and his Regime should be eliminated: Saudi Foreign Minister


The Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia Adel Al-Jubeir issued a statement that Russian struggle to foothold Syrian President Bashaar Al-Assad would not hit the target for keeping him in the power.

Jubeir further added in his press conference in Riyadh that all the struggle in the past to stabilize the government of Assad were failed. Iran attempted to support Syrian government in the past, but failed. Now, Assad requested help from Russia, but Russians are unable to save the government of Al-Assad. He advised Moscow to stop their Air strikes against sensible and gentle Syrian people. Russia has been a nearest ally of Assad after Iran.

According to the U.S officials, the Russian government started airstrikes in the month of September and their major target was the militants supported by the West. Most of the war experts predicted that Al-Assad has got more time in lease by the involvement of the Russian military support and it also alarmed the West to think deeply. It is important that Syria is considered one of the major opposition countries for Saudi Arabia. Jubeir further added that it is impossible to sustain him in the power, as he is a criminal minded person behind the killing of more than 300 thousand innocent people. So, elimination of Al-Assad is essential in the current situation. The current Syrian regime will be destroyed and new ways will be opened to reconstruct a better Syrian state.

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