Take new measures at the entrance to Anbar


BAGHDAD – The Baghdad Operations Command on Monday took several measures in the control of hawks, the gateway between Anbar province and the capital, and trucks carrying agricultural crops and foodstuffs.

“Baghdad Operations Commander Major General Jalil al-Rubaie ordered the entry of wheels carrying food or crops from the falcon control entrance into Baghdad,” a command statement said.

He added that he “stressed the need to deal with humanitarian and facilitate the procedures of humanitarian cases and morbidity,” stressing that “control will open soon in the next few days after the maintenance of the wheels of detection of explosives (sonar).”

The deputy of Anbar province, Faris Taha Al-Fares, described what happens to the people of the province in the control of the hawks as “humiliation and humiliation,” adding that “represents a comprehensive siege and collective punishment without reason.”

“What is happening in the control of the hawks between Anbar and Baghdad of humiliation and humiliation, distorted the victories of Mosul, and made the feast a mass of Anbar people.”


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