Tal Afar: Israel has been able to draw its trade crossing and cut off water from Shiite cities


Leaked reports revealed that Israel was able to impose its presence on an important corridor in northern Iraq that runs through a historic route from Mosul to the Syrian border, through Tal Afar, 80 kilometers from the Turkish border and 100 kilometers from the Syrian border.

Reports confirmed the involvement of the US military after the occupation of Iraq in 2003, to exert pressure on poor families in northern Iraq by persuading them to sell their land for investment in industrial projects or agricultural benefit to the country, but they later realized that the ownership of their land belongs to Israeli Jews, These families, which initially numbered 150 Jewish families, and then spread the news that the plan seeks to settle the 150,000 Jews in the judiciary.

Former CIA agent Wayne Madison, who later turned to the media, has broadcast to the world concrete information about a plan to transfer Kurdish Jews from Palestine to the city of Mosul and northern Nineveh province under the guise of visiting religious missions and ancient Jewish shrines. The Prophets Nahum, Yunus, Daniel, Hassakil, Ezra and other prophets found their shrines in those areas, insisting that Israel regards them as Jewish property just like Jerusalem and the West Bank.

The reports pointed out the importance of Israel’s control of these areas of Iraq, as proved by the days and after ten years of control over those areas, where the opening of the “Ofakwe” between Iraq and Turkey, which means that the shortest commercial route between Baghdad and Ankara is about 50 kilometers Through the territory controlled by the Jews, that is one of Iraq’s commercial arteries at the mercy of Israel, although it is not announced.

Apart from trade, it was later found that the land Israel bought through Jewish merchants was the border of the Kurds’ demands for declaring their state according to the Kurdish aspiration and exceeding 50 kilometers south of Dohuk, which the Kurds consider the borders of their state. The desired Kurdish state.

The reports justified the Jewish efforts to reach the borders of the Kurdish state with a plan drawn up by world Zionism to create a regional conflict and to make the whole region a region of armed conflicts. The regional forces in this region will be withdrawn from Iraq and the whole region will be engulfed and chaos will erupt between the Kurds on the one hand and Iran and Syria on the other. Which gives the justification for the international community to attack the two countries on the pretext of interfering in creating crises?

We also know that the Tigris River runs from the northern areas of Nineveh, just across the territory under Israeli control, and makes the Iraqi Shiites from Basra to Karbala strategically trapped. Especially as they already suffer from water shortages.

The reports continued to expose Israel’s efforts by controlling these areas, asserting that its objectives are to control the Kirkuk-Banias oil pipeline between Iraq and Syria and to the port of Banias, which was established in the sixth decade of the last century and was transporting Iraqi oil to the Mediterranean countries But was suspended in 1982 by a decision of the Syrian government during the Iran-Iraq war.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir tried to seize the opportunity to stop the Kirkuk-Banias pipeline and suggested that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein re-export Iraqi oil between Kirkuk and Haifa.


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