Tamimi Challenged the Iraqi Government on the Budget Draft Law 2016



Majida Al Tamimi, a member of the Iraqi Parliamentary Finance Committee has guaranteed to challenge the decision of Iraqi government on budget draft law 2016 because it is violating Iraqi constitution.

Our source confirmed that Iraqi Parliamentary Finance Committee’s member Majida Al Tamimi issued a press conference that decision of the Council of Ministers to appeal on the Iraqi federal budget 2016 is purely violation of Iraqi constitution. She added that it is open direct violation of Article 62, second paragraph of the Iraqi constitution. Al Tamimi further added that only Iraqi House of Representatives is authorized to reduce expenses from the federal budget, but this time Iraqi government itself decided to reduce the expenses from the Iraqi federal budget 2016.

The government of Iraq has reduced the expenses of House of Representatives including expenses on purchasing cars for officials and managers who provided more satisfaction ratios. They also reduced the transferring amount of 3 percent of the total supplies to the Deputies of Council and the Ministry of Migration and Displacement. They reduced maintenance expenses by 50 percent and stopped purchasing of private jets. They also decreased expenses for special grades of three presidencies including the Director of the Prime Minister’s office, President of the House of Representatives and President of the Iraqi Republic. So, all the above three grades seems equal to the grade of deputy minister.

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