Tax Reforms would bring more investors in the country, but how?


A famous economic researcher and expert Firas Amer stressed that implementation of fees is one of the most essential tax reform mechanisms and it would provide direct services in getting social and humanitarian intention for Iraqi people.

He added in this press interview and stressed the importance of public sensibility and role of tax in stabilizing the economy of the country. It has been experienced that significant improvement in the services would provide a path of development with the involvement of Iraqi citizens. It might be from the governmental or private sector, but he stressed that current situation needs reconsideration by the implementation of taxes and ratification of new mechanisms rather than traditional.

He further added that most of the Iraqi citizens are thinking that providing indirect services would be useless. He said that most of the experts believe that implementation of reforms in the tax system and imposing taxes has been considered as parallel to the services provided by the Iraqi private sector to Iraqi citizens. It would boost up the performance in the production and service of this sector and it will participate to perform its role in the developmental process. Most of the financial experts believe that Iraqi government is moving in a right direction and coming days would witness the development in the Iraqi economy. It would boost up Iraqi dinar exchange rate in the national and international markets. Some experts believe that all the current development is pointing towards the process of Iraqi Dinar Revaluation, as most of the dinar gurus predicted that Iraqi Dinar RV is very near and they believe that the time has come for Iraqi dinar investors to make their profit by participating in the Iraqi dinar investment. The Iraqi dinar currency has become the most dependable currency due to it has experienced very tough times compared to any other international currency.

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