Taxes and Custom Tariffs would decrease purchasing power of the people: Experts


A large number of financial experts and specialists criticized the government policy regarding the implementation of taxes and fees probably on goods and services without any ground base.

They stressed that it would increase dissatisfaction in the society and critical reduction in the Iraqi domestic markets. Most of the experts said that Iraqi government should activate the other profitable sectors and don’t implement taxes and unnecessary fees because it would create extra burden on the poor Iraqi people. A famous economist Maythan said that we are not against the adaptation to implement taxes and fees, tariffs and services, but the government has wasted too much time for its introduction and implementation.

Imposing taxes would generate a considerable shrinkage in the expenses and salaries problems. He added that primary education in the country is free and don’t need to impose any fees. The subsidies might be directed to the higher education and postgraduate students, but it is not helpful in a number of countries in the world. He explained that implementation of taxes and services fees is not a piece of cake in current situation due to a massive decrease in the oil revenues, so we need a bundle of taxes in order to meet the target. It is also said that Iraqi government should focus on other profitable sectors and the extensive taxes will be harmful for low-income Iraqi people. The Iraqi parliamentary finance committee has confirmed that implementation of taxes, fees and customs tariffs is considered one of the important measures taken by the Iraqi government due to current financial and economic crisis in the country.

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