Tehran Extracted Sensitive Information from the American sailors: Admiral Ali


The Iranian officials have announced in a press statement regarding collection of important data from Americans.

The statement of Iranian officials indicated that Iranian agencies collected important data from computers of the American sailors. These American sailors were captured in the last week of January 2016 from Iranian ocean territory. The Iranian news agency also reported that Admiral Ali Fadvi, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Commander of Iranian Naval Force said in the People’s Congress of the Iranian Shura Council that a lot of important information has been extracted from mobile phones and laptops of American sailors. The information was very sensitive and considered a criminal activity.

Admiral Ali Fadvi has confirmed the presence of videos of several hours regarding the operation and arrests of American sailors, and all proves have been provided to Iranian supreme authorities. He also indicated that this propaganda may produce a number of awkward situations within the United States. He also stressed that Tehran doesn’t need to abuse or put-down the Washington and the people of the United States. But, the U.S Secret Agencies are continuously insulting Iran and we have found the evidences, so we captured all these in tapes to warn them to avoid such activities against the sovereignty of Iran.

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