Tehran is angry on the Leadership of Sadrist Movement, Why?


A U.S newspaper confirmed that Iran is looking to interfere to finish the protest movement called by the Shiite cleric Muqtada Al-Sadr demanding political reform due to current Iraqi political structure is corrupt.

The U.S newspaper “Washington Post” reported that Tehran requested the chest after the demonstration for his supporters attacked on the highly secured Green Zone in the central Baghdad and chanting idioms calling for Iran to get out of Iraq because Iran is trying to rebuild the Shiite conflict in Iraq. The newspaper confirmed that there is a heavy pressure of Tehran on Muqtada Al-Sadr to finish the protest movement and to continue the political process in Iraq.

Muqtada vs Khomeini

The U.S newspaper stated a quote of a peace fighter Salah Hassan said that the United States and Iran are looking to share a cake in Iraq. He was chanting among the demonstrators during the attack on the Green Zone and saying that people believe that Iraqi Shiite community is faithful to Iran, but it is not true. We are only devoted and faithful to chest. He also said that Iran interfering by road and I am Iraqi, but I have seen Iranians participated in this attack at Green Zone. Our informed source said that Iranian government is very angry with the leadership of Sadrist movement.

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