Tehran threatens a military operation near Diyala to liquidate the alarm


Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Iranian Army Brigadier General Ahmed Reza Burdistan announced that his country will provide for the liquidation of elements calling for Diyala, if they approach 40 kilometers from the border.

“If elements are trying to approach the border up to 40 kilometers, the strategy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is to liquidate them before they reach the border,” Brigadier General Bordistan said.

“Is it possible to clash with a preacher at the border?” He said. “There is an army presence near Diyala province, but our forces have full security control over these elements,” he said.

“We warned that if they tried to approach, Tehran’s strategy would be to liquidate them before they reach the Iranian border,” he said, referring to the red line drawn by Iranian forces.

“Land forces are deployed today on the western border of the country and are monitoring what is going on there,” Brigadier General Bordistanan said;


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