Terrorist Financers are collecting donations using Internet & Social Media Networks


The Interior Ministry of Saudi Arabia issued a statement that Saudi Interior Ministry and Saudi Intelligence Agencies have discovered that Saudi citizens were collecting donations in order to support Daash organization in Iraq.

The spokesman of Saudi Interior Ministry Maj. Gen. Mansoor Al-Turki informed in a press conference in the presence of American and International media reporters. He said that the Saudi Embassy in Washington organized a press conference call and declared that the contribution of Iraqi popular crowd in the fight to take back Fallujah has opened new paths for Daash Organization for fund raising and donations to organize terrorist organization. He further added that Saudi Arabia is unable to control all Saudi citizens to help Iraqi people, but we will control campaigns organized to collect donations for Daash Organization and other terrorist groups.

Hand holding a Social Media 3d Sphere sign on white background.

He said that it was true that Saudi citizens have donated for the children of Fallujah. Al-Turki stressed that Saudi Arabian government had declared that all the elements found connected to the terrorism and terrorist groups will be considered as International Crime elements. He confirmed that Saudi government has taken a number of major steps to stop extremism. He said that Saudi authorities have seized more than 117 bank accounts allegedly found in financing terrorism. He stressed that Saudi Arabia has shown its full support in the fight against terrorism. He said that exchange of important information with other countries have saved precious lives in various countries. He warned to the people that terrorist financers are using different fake techniques through the Internet, Social Networks and Media Network to collect donations from people.

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