That is why the United States seeks to impose its control over the Iraqi-Syrian border


On Wednesday, the Financial Times published an article on the same subject that sees the battle in eastern Syria as a threat to a military confrontation between the United States, Russia and Iran, explaining that the United States seeks to control the groups that support it on the Baghdad-Damascus highway to reduce Impact of Iran.

“The fear of confrontation increased after the United States dropped a Syrian aircraft that said it was launching raids near Kurdish militias supported by Washington near Raqqa,” the Financial Times said. On the same day, for the first time, Iran launched ballistic missiles in Syria, which it said were targeted by the Da’ash organization, but according to the newspaper, it was also a show of strength and a message directed at the United States and its rival Saudi Arabia in the region. The newspaper reports analysts’ opinion that military escalation is inevitable and that the forces in Syria are now racing to fill the vacuum justify by the Da’ash organization in eastern Syria.

Among the most important areas competing with the various factions is the city of Raqqa, the capital of the organization “Daash” and the Syrian-Iraqi border. A newspaper quoted a diplomat in the region as saying that the United States is seeking to control the groups that support it on the highway connecting Baghdad and Damascus, in order to reduce the influence of Iran, and control other areas used to negotiate the future of Syria. Iran is careful to provide a corridor linking Iran to Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, where its ally is Hezbollah.

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