The Christian Citizen of Kurdistan Complain for Land Seizure


The Christians in Kurdistan complain for discriminative behavior of Kurdistan Region Government against them for years. A complaint is filed by a Christian citizen of Kurdistan that Kurdish locals are seizing their properties in the different cities of Kurdistan. He also mentioned in his complain that Kurdistan Regional Government is not taking the mater seriously.

The silence of Kurdish government regarding this matter is just like a criminal activity. The silence of Kurdish government in this matter is creating depression among Christian community living in the region. The application is submitted yesterday in the province of Dahuk. This kind of cases was also filed in Erbil as well but no action was taken against such complaints and depression among people is increasing with the every passing day. This is an alarming situation that Kurdistan Government needs to check seriously.

Kurdistan is considered to be the safest region in Iraq in the present security situation. Its people are also considered to be honest and loving as compare to Iraq where most of people are naturally hard by nature. Christians are also protesting against their attempt and demanding government to stop Kurdish people snatching the properties of Christian people in the region.  The Human Rights Watch has prepared a report regarding these issues in Kurdistan. According to this report, the Christian of Kurdistan is facing too many problems and anxiety is developing in them with the every passing day because of non-serious behavior of the Kurdish government about this matter.


A group in the Kurdistan is involve in the land seizing for last couple of years and number of people in Kurdistan were seen complaining about them. This group has seized a large area from Christians in Erbil and Dahuk province of Kurdistan. Both of these regions are no for away from the access of government.

Erbil is the capital city of the region and Dahuk is one of the business cities of Kurdistan that hosts most of business community in Kurdistan.  The protesters requested government of Kurdistan to take action against such criminals and want their properties back from such criminals. The court has summoned to the government of Kurdistan to submit the reply against complaint filed by Christian community in Erbil and Dahuk province. The issue was first raised in the regime of Saddam Hussein who ruined the villages of Christians and asks them to leave the area.

Most of these people were killed in such military operation and some of them were internally displaced in the country. Taking advantage of their forceful absence, the Kurdish people occupied the territory claiming their ownership. The Kurdistan should take sincere action against such people to handle the disturbing situation.

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