The Electoral Commission approved nine new parties for upcoming elections


On Tuesday, The Electoral Commission approved nine new parties to contest the upcoming elections, while all parties have completed all the measures issued by the Commission.

“The Board of Commissioners ratified today, to grant a license for the establishment of nine new parties (National Union of Forces, National Reform Movement, Assyrian Democratic Movement, Hezbollah Iraq, Iraqi National Accord, Party of Representatives, Islamic Front, the First Martyr Movement, the National Party and the Fair State Party). ”

“These parties have completed all the procedures and instructions issued by the Commission and the rules of conduct in accordance with the provisions of the law of political parties legislated by the House of Representatives,” Zobaie added.

Al-Zobaie called on all parties for the purpose of establishing, which registered and cut the legal period for “the purpose of completing the registration procedures in preparation for granting them the establishment licenses.”

The Political Parties Law No. (36) for the year 2015 has been legislated by the Chamber of Deputies and the Commission has started to implement it after it has been published in the official gazette. The political parties that intend to participate in the upcoming electoral elections submitted for the purpose of registration in accordance with the procedures, in this direction.

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