The first banknote bearing the image of Bashar Assad


Syria’s Central Bank of Syria launched a new “2,000 Syrian pounds” banknote in a number of Syrian-controlled provinces, carrying the image of Bashar al-Assad for the first time.

The governor of the Central Bank of Syria Duraid Dargham said that the 2000-pound banknote was among the new notes printed years ago, but the decision to put them on hold was delayed due to “war conditions and exchange rate fluctuations.”

The release of the new paper comes amid warnings of an imminent collapse in the Syrian pound because of the collapse of the Central Reserve of Syria, which lost over the past six years more than 500% of its value against the US dollar and the European euro, due to the Syrian crisis.

The new cash sheet is equivalent to about $ 4 at current exchange rates.

The value of the Syrian currency since the outbreak of the conflict in 2011 from 47 pounds to the dollar in 2010 to about 500 pounds to the dollar now.

The governor of the “Central Bank of Syria” Duraid Dargham that the introduction of the new category is necessary, and will not affect the current monetary policy, noting that it will relieve the Syrians from carrying a large amount of money may be forced in their daily dealings.

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