The Governor of CBI was behind Money Laundering: Al-Aboudi


Heljim Ahmed Al-Aboudi attacked on a member of board of directors of the Iraqi Central Bank and many banking & financial conversion companies due to some severe statements.

It was considered as nervous against banks and other companies that they planned in getting U.S dollars from Iraqi Central Bank, and adopted some schemes to send them outside the country. They are involved in smuggling and money laundering rather than supplying those U.S dollars in the Iraqi domestic markets. Ahmed Al-Aboudi is teaching at the Kufa University, he said that it is possible that management meetings of Iraqi Central Bank have shortened Burehi until they were unable to put up their mind, but it is amazing that why they were unable in finding solutions and the major elements involved in sudden decline and rise in the market.

CBI governor and money laundering

Point to be noted that there would be a reason behind the issuance of this statement that Al-Aboudi was also interested in getting the post of the governor of Iraqi Central Bank, but Al-Maliki didn’t come close to him to bring him on the post of governor. So, he started criticisms on the legal violations in the presence of Abdul Basit Turki. He resigned from the financial supervision in the office of Governor of Iraqi Central Bank because he was working on self-tracking. He was ordered by the Abdul Basit Turkey to withdraw his resignation after his arrangement of this topic. It is important that he didn’t involved in any kind of legislative and control side.

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