The IDPs to take Part in the Final Exam at Hamdaniyah University


The president of Handaniyah University of Kurdistan urged internally displaced students to take part in the examination and keep studying without any hesitation. He urged students to take part in the exam is just like participating in Jihad.

He said Jihad means struggling for a good and meaning cause. He said students will have to come out of the camps and start struggling for their families and their country. Their country needs their help to build up its future. He further said that studying is just like defeating the ISIS and their threats. They should not leave their studies because they are displaced people. The Hamid a young guy said they should step up and start studying to defeat ISIS psychologically in the country.

Hamid said he lived in Baghdad with his family and forcefully displaced to the Kurdistan regional government. Now he is living in the Erbil and getting ready for Hamdaniyah University. The university is the only operational university in nearby for the students of Iraq and Kurdistan now. The Mosul was best known for the education in Iraq after Baghdad. But now everything in the Mosul is destroyed by the militants. They are using such building as their training camps and as torture cells.


Muzahim Alkhyatt, the president of university emphasized on being just Muslims to study in the university. He said all the people whether they are Shiite, Sunni, Yazidi, Kurd or Arab have equal rights. They are all one and united at university. He said the sectarian war has destroyed the Iraq completely and strengthen the enemies of Iraq and now they are living just like a slave. The students will have to get up and start uniting their people at one single platform for the success of a common person and for the progress of the country.

The students are now taking part in the examination at Hamdaniyah university of Erbil. They are energetic and looking to defeat the militants with their pen. The experts strongly believe that the address of university president is the sure part of the psychological war campaign against ISIS militants that started from Mosul. The government of Iraq and Kurdistan are trying to urge their people to stand against ISIS.

The campaign is the part of the Mosul grand operation going to launch on the militants in the city of Mosul to regain the control of the city. The security forces believe if they could urge the people to stand against ISIS militants, they will win the half of the battle easily. When the militants will realize that no one in the country is frightened from them, they will definitely lose this battle.

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