The IMF Denied Negotiations for the Issuance of Soft-Loans



The IMF mission in Iraq has denied the news regarding any kind of new agreement with Iraq for the issuance of soft-loans.

But, the mission of international monetary fund confirmed that any kind of request by the Iraqi government will be considered at priority. The representative of IMF pointed out that IMF implements the regulatory program for the establishment to check and monitor the record of Iraqi economic policy in order to manage the financial arrangements. The IMF mission head Josh Christian said in a press interview that there is a possibility for the issuance of 6 to 7 billion U.S dollars to Iraq, but it would be considered after receiving an official request.

Josh Christian further added that International Monetary Fund hasn’t yet received any soft-loan request from the Iraqi government. She added that IMF didn’t start negotiations for any new agreement, but the Fund will consider any request regarding the loans. She also pointed out that the IMF is looking to establish a monitoring program with Iraq in order to follow-up and manage the Iraqi economic policy record. It would provide more satisfaction in the system for financial arrangement purpose.

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