The Investment Law and its Implementation Mechanisms



On Wednesday, the Deputy and Parliamentary Finance Committee member Abdul Qadir Muhammad issued a statement that the new Iraqi investment law has its own importance regarding its perfectness in the law, but the most important feature is about its implementation.

Qadir Muhammad added in its press statement that new investment law of Iraq is most important to boost up the investment sector in the country and it needs more perfect mechanisms for its implementation with effectiveness. The Council of Ministers has forwarded the new investment law draft to the House of Representatives and hopefully its voting process will take place very soon.

He also pointed out that this new investment law would provide a more secure and workable experience for those who are finding for much better investment experience in the country. It is also said that we hope this law will be approved finally from the House of Representatives and considering that it would be happened very soon.

It would also provide a maximum boost to the Iraqi economy and increase the revenue in the country. Qadir Muhammad also said that this new investment law would not be implemented only to oil, but it includes all the major investment sectors that are under the development process.

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