The Investors are invited to Invest in Custom Post in Diyala


The National Investment Commission of Iraq has announced an investment opportunity for the foreign and local investors to invest in the custom post construction in Diyala. The list of requirements and services to offer has been published for investors to quote for the post.

The contract will be awarded to the best proposal by local or Foreigner Company. A requirement of logistics and security is also demanded in the proposal for this project. The interested investors are asked to complete their job in the 21 working days as the contract is published. The list of documents required and demanded by National Investment Commission are as follow:

  • The investors will have to keep the documents of State Commission in the consideration while preparing the feasibility report of this project. No any proposal will be accepted or discussed going beyond the given limits by the Investment Commission.
  • A drawing the project will be attached with the feasibility report to understand the real cost of the project. The drawing is the best tool to understand the possible cost of the project. The project will be awarded to the company that offer best drawing with the best cost of the project.
  • The investors will have to attach their documents along with their IDs.
  • The financial efficiency is the key to success of this project. Therefore the companies will have to provide a detail of financial efficiency keeping product cost in the consideration. Normally the engineering department understands the things by looking at the drawing of the project.
  • The investors need to provide the detail of execution time of the project and the perfect duration. Iraq is on the rebuilding phase and looking for the companies that work with the total commitment and devotion. The delay of the project is not accepted. The investor will have to complete the task within specified time period.
  • The companies will have to show their previous platform to work with the Investment Commission. The companies with the successful similar work in the past will be preferred while rewarding the contract. They are all simple things required by National Investment Commission that often asked to provide in the common and specific contracts.

Advantages of Working with National Investment Commission

The company that wins the contract from National Investment Commission will be rewarded a tax free project. All of their incomes and profits will be tax free. This tax exemption is allowed to the foreign companies to invest in the Iraq as per law no. 13, 2006. The National Investment Commission of Iraq will assist the contract winning company to resolve legal issues like license and approval of other documents to start working in Iraq.

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