The most important thing was the “meeting” of Maliki with Lavrov in Russia


Iraqi Vice President Nuri al-Maliki said his country is interested in developing cooperation with Russia in the field of military technology and in the field of energy industry.

“We do not want to have a political imbalance in favor of this or that external party,” Nuri al-Maliki said at the start of talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. In supporting this balance by cooperation in the field of military, technical and energy and in the political sphere.”

“Now we need a more active and effective participation by Russia in the Iraqi situation and this is primarily affecting the energy industry … Now that we have eliminated the need for investment, Iraq is in need of investment and this is related to trade, electricity and oil. We want Russian companies to play an important role in this. Fields “.

Maliki said that “Iraq seeks to intensify cooperation with Russia in the fight against terrorism and said:” We need to strengthen more of our cooperation in the fight against terrorism and meet the challenges in the region. We believe that our two countries are seen as a target for terrorists and those behind them. ”

Iraq is likely to face new challenges in the political arena, due to external interference in the region’s affairs, as well as some actions and actions that threaten the unity of Iraq and the Iraqi people, “he said.

Maliki said that his country considers that the collapse and fragmentation of the state in Syria will mean the collapse and fragmentation of the entire Middle East, and therefore ask Russia not to allow it to happen.

The Iraqi vice president said that he had already asked “Russia to play its role in maintaining Syria in the structure and form of the current and not allow the collapse because the collapse and fragmentation will mean the collapse of the entire region.”

For his part, Lavrov said that the Russian Federation is trying in these difficult times, to support the efforts of the Iraqi leadership to rebuild the economy and improve the combat capability of the security forces.

“Our companies will increase the effectiveness of their cooperation with Iraqi partners and will develop military and technical cooperation that will support your efforts in the fight against extremism,” he said.

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