The Political Consensus and Iraqi Dinar Revaluation


On Saturday, the head of the Iraqi Group for Strategic Studies Hashmi issued a press statement about the presence of political harmony in most of the Iraqi political blocs to stretch-out the parliament life without arranging new elections.

Al-Hashmi further added in his statement regarding the presence of political agreement in order to expand the life of Iraqi Parliament without conducting elections under the simulation of the invasion of some of the provinces due to financial problems that are being faced by the Iraqi government. The continuous severe security condition in the country is also participating in increasing the instability in the country especially by Daash Organization.

Iraqi Dinar Revaluation

He pointed out that the original factors to expand the time for the Iraqi parliament without arranging elections is due to not focusing on bases by the Iraqi political blocs because Iraqi political blocs didn’t provide relaxation to move the Iraqi economic wheel during the last several years. Most of the Iraqi dinar experts believe that stability in the Iraqi political condition would help in maintaining the Iraqi dinar exchange rate. It would also provide a handsome support for Iraqi dinar revaluation, but stability in the Iraqi security and political is most essential in initializing this process. The head of the Iraqi Group for Strategic Studies further added that expanding the life of Iraqi parliament is clearly showing the fear from the Iraqi political blocs and not participating by the Iraqi people in the elections due to the previous same corrupt political parties.

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