The popular crowd announces the formation of its own aviation directorate


The popular crowd announced on Wednesday the formation of an aviation directorate, indicating that the need for this Directorate is to transfer the wounded of the crowd to hospitals and other purposes.

“The popular crowd has formed the Directorate of Flight Aviation to work on all things related to air matters that are related to the popular crowd,” the popular crowd site said in a statement received by Iraqi Reporter. “The crowd contacted the Air Force and Air Force leadership and expressed their desire to reach the best results for this young directorate,” the source added.

“There is a need for a flight of the popular crowd to transport the wounded of the popular crowd to hospitals to treat them urgently and to use them for other purposes,” he said. It is noteworthy that the popular crowd is a force formed after the launch of the advisory fatwa of the religious authority Ali al-Sistani, after the entry of an organization calling to Iraq in June 2014, and the crowd a lot of military operations within the plan for the liberation of areas controlled by the terrorist organization in the provinces of Diyala and Anbar Ninewa and Salahuddin, while the Parliament passed a law on the formation of the popular crowd to be an institution of the military institutions of the state.

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