The popular crowd frees 17 villages and 3 residential compounds towards the Syrian-Iraqi border


The popular crowd announced on Tuesday the liberation of 17 villages and three residential compounds in Ba’aj, west of Mosul, while referring to forces that managed to rescue 200 families and move them to safe areas.

“The Popular Army brigades backed by the army launched a large-scale military operation Tuesday to complete the liberation of residential compounds and villages south-west of Al-Baj district, south and south-west of the Iraqi-Syrian border,” the statement said.

He added that “the objectives achieved: including the achievement of further decline and control in the direction of South Ba’aj and West towards the Iraqi-Syrian border, and provide support for the sections of the crowd, which is tasked with the task of editing and securing the border south towards Al-Qaim.”

The statement added that “three housing complexes were liberated with 17 villages from the control of Dahesh,” noting that “the complexes are (Al-Khabsa residential complex – Al-Hamdaniyah residential complex – Al-Resala South Complex).”

He explained that “the villages are (three oasis or the hyenas of the Zobaa Tal Masada throughout the Bhiar al-Bo Al-Rawai, Al-Fawarat Tel Al-Reem and called Al-Muraqi Ant and Duaim Al-Salihiya Jair Hassanan or Kharab Abu Rasin)”.

He explained that “the losses of the enemy were as follows: – Killed 47 elements of the supporters of the army’s air support – Control of the (ambulance) booby-trapped in Al-Hamdaniya Complex – Destroying the defenses of the West Baaj in the areas adjacent to the border.

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