The popular crowd liberates a border village west of Al-Ba’aj


The popular crowd announced on Friday, the liberation of a border village west of Al-Ba’aj district in Nineveh province from the grip of the Da’aish organization.

In a statement, the crowd said “the Popular Liberation Forces had liberated the village of Jair Ghulafas, the border west of Al-Ba’aj, and raised the Iraqi flag over its buildings”.

Another statement issued by the crowd said that “Major General 3 is advancing towards the village and the Tal Safok border post west of Al-Baaj, which is considered one of the main supply lines between Damascus and Iraq.”

Popular fighters are battling major military battles in which they liberated scores of villages in the district of al-Baaj, west of Nineveh province, and reached the Iraqi-Syrian border. Their main motive is to liberate the Iraqi natives and for this they are putting all their efforts.

Since 30 May morning with the approaching hours and moments crucial to declare Mosul completely liberated from an abomination gang “Da’esh” terrorist, prove the facts and analysis of field battles waged by our valiant in more than one axis and the front in Nineveh, that “Da’esh” gangs defeated dying last breath in the city ‘s neighborhoods old Zndjeli and healing, and the other front is the west of Nineveh Front , which led the popular crowd no less important than the front right of Mosul forces, as it accelerates in the crowd front fighting and liberating the land speed record stunned military experts and showed the extent of the great weight of the forces of the crowd liberation of the land and man. In the details of last week‘s operations – even on 2nd June.

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