The Popular Crowd will not Cross the Border: Asadi


popular crowd

A spokesman for the popular crowd, Ahmed al-Asadi, said on Wednesday that the crossing of Iraqi forces, including the mobilization of the country’s borders and entry into other countries needs the approval of the House of Representatives.

“The withdrawal of any Iraqi armed forces, whether from the army units or the formations of the crowd or the anti-terrorist apparatus, outside the scope of the Iraqi border require a vote from the House of Representatives, The Iraqi constitution does not allow interference in the affairs of other countries.

“Asadi said that” talking about this matter in light of Iraq’s pre-occupation with fighting the urging and liberation of the provinces is far from reality. ”

He noted that “the body of the crowd will abide by all directives and orders issued by the commander-in-chief of the armed forces as part of the military establishment.”

“After all the areas have been restored and the borders are tightened, the crowd will have a key role to play in supporting and fortifying any area where we are weak in the ability of the forces concerned to maintain their borders,” Asadi said.

“These pieces will be supported and the gaps will be filled to make with other security formations integrated forces defending every inch of Iraqi territory,” he said.

This position comes in the wake of repeated statements by leaders in the popular crowd, referring to the possibility of entering the Syrian territory to pursue the gunmen urged when the completion of the restoration of all Iraqi territory from the grip of the organization.

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