The Post of Vice-President has not been Canceled: Nuri Al-Maliki



On Friday, the former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki has confirmed that the post of Vice-President of the Iraqi Republic has not yet finished or canceled and these posts are still under discussions.

The current Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi made decision for cancelling the posts of Vice-President by imposing reforms package, but his decision is violating the Iraqi constitution. The former Iraqi Prime Minister has filed a complaint in the Iraqi Federal Court against the decision of Haider Al Abadi.

The former Prime Minister further added that the posts of Vice-President of the Republic of Iraq have not been finished and this matter is still under discussion in the cabinet of law-making authorities because Abadi’s decision is considered as unconstitutional. He also pointed out that the President of Iraqi Republic is unable to maintain all the work without any deputy and there should be at least one deputy for the Iraqi President as it is mentioned in the Iraqi law and constitution.

He also added that Haider Al Abadi’s decision by imposing reforms package for termination the posts of Vice-President considered as unconstitutional and we have filed a petition to the judicial Federal Court. It is also important that Iraqi House of Representatives received our complaint and advised to contact with Iraqi Federal Court, but they didn’t finish the posts. He stressed that reforms packages don’t have legal power and only the House of Representatives authorized the current Iraqi Prime Minister to implement the reform packages, but it is not according to the Iraqi law and constitution.

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