The President of Kurdistan Regional Government announced Independence


On Friday, the President of Kurdish Security Council Massoud Barzani said that Kurdish people are no more Iraqi citizens. Barzani said in a press interview for Washington Post that Kurdish government has tried all possibilities with Iraqi federal government, but Baghdad Administration was unable to satisfy Kurdish government.

He added that Kurdish people need peaceful independence without any fight and violence. He stressed that Kurdish people are no more Iraqi citizens and they are now Kurdish citizens. Barzani said that separation was the only solution in the current situation. He pointed out that harmonization is essential in Iraq, but current Iraqi government has failed to manage the situation and considered a failed state. Point to be noted that Kurdish region conducted referendum on self-determination in the past and Kurdish people showed their willing for independence.

Kurdish indep day

A soldier from Kurdish Peshmerga forces said that Kurdish people kissed him and presented flowers. Kurdish people have been looking greater independence throughout the Kurdish region for past decades. European imposed colonial borders had ignored the rights of Kurdish people. The Kurdish regions in Iraq and Syria experienced cut off from the Iraqi central government since the invasion of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and other terrorist groups in 2014. This condition generated raising hopes towards independence and Kurdish referendum took place by the Kurdistan Regional Government. The leader of Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) Cemil Bayik said in a press interview to BBC that they need to finalize the conflict with Turkey as they killed thousands. Point to be noted that massive clashes took place on 23rd April across the border of Qamishli between Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) and the Syrian loyal forces of President Bashar Al-Assad killing dozens of people.

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