The ransom money of Qatar has become the property of the Iraqis


The President of the Republic, Fouad Masoum, on Wednesday, the existence of Qatari funds handed over to factions in the popular crowd, in return for the release of Qatari fishermen, in the Central Bank because it became the property of the Iraqis, indicating that it entered Iraq “without his permission.”

“When I took office and found it necessary to remove the feeling of getting away, I decided to visit Saudi Arabia. Before the visit I met the religious references in Najaf to remove the sensitivities that some claim to exist,” Masoum said in an interview with the Saudi daily Okaz. , And among those I met Mr. Sistani ”

“I like this idea and said it is a blessed step. Saudi Arabia is an important country, and our country’s relations with it must be strong,” he said.

In another context, Masoum said that “the $ 500 million of Qatari funds that entered Iraq without his knowledge of the release of the Qatari abductees were entered into the central bank and will be for Iraq.”

On December 16, 2015, gunmen near a Sahrawi camp on the Saudi border in Muthanna province kidnapped about 20 Qatari nationals with their Asian aides who came for falconry. In April 2016, one of the kidnappers was released along with his aide.

On the statements of the Americans that the losses of the Iraqi army up to about 724 military, denied the infallible figure and said, “No, did not reach this number, the Iraqi army was surprised at the beginning of dealing with (Daash), but now become an army and capable of coping and “He said.

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