The Recent Goods Import and Export of Iraq


It is said that Iraq only exports the oil in the international market and imports everything else to fulfill the needs of its people. There was a time Iraq was a big exporter of wheat and rice in the Middle East. Contrary to this, it is biggest importer of wheat and rice in the Middle East.

The journey of exporter to importer is full to hurdles and worst decisions taken for rulers of Iraq. After the advent of crude oil in the country, the rulers of Iraq completely ignored the agriculture sector and ruined their fertile patches of land near Baghdad and Kurdistan. Today they even have to import eggs from other countries of the world to maintain day to day needs of the people.

According to recent imports of Iraq, the country is the biggest importer of eggs and other poultry products in the region. It imports chicken and eggs from USA, Italy, France and some other European countries. However, due to expected bird flu in the poultry forming from different countries of the world, the Iraq government has banned the poultry products from 20 countries of the world including USA and Italy.

The trade ministry of Iraq imposed the ban on these products due to expect bird flu threats.  In its press release, the trade ministry warned importers to import poultry products from any country of the world for a specific period of time. The ban will be lifted out after confirmation by the experts. All of these steps are taken to ensure the health protection of the people of Iraq. Iraq is already facing poor medical facilities in its hospitals and it will not be able to handle any medical emergency in the country. That’s why; ban was the best solution for country to avoid any unwanted happening in the country.

Iraq Import and Export

UAE was the top country to import sugar in Middle East for years but Iraq has overtaken the country in 2016. According to recent reports, Iraq has become the biggest importer of sugar in the region in the following year. Unfortunately, Iraq has only one sugar refinery located in Babel. The one sugar refinery can never fulfill the needs of people of Iraq. Therefore, Iraq has to import the sugar from international market. People also complain about taste of local sugar and love to use imported sugar in their day to day routines.

Iraq is not an agricultural country and its formers are not equipped with the latest tools and techniques to make better sugar. Moreover, the government of Iraq is also not taking any serious interest to rehabilitate the agricultural industry. Therefore, the imports of Iraq are increasing with the every passing day.

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