The Richest Terrorist Organization in the Financial Crisis


No doubt the Daesh or ISIS is known as the richest terrorist organization of the world. It looted the whole Iraq and increased its operational area to Syria and snatched people properties, robbed the several banks and other financial institution of the both countries.

It occupied the natural resources of Iraq and Syria and sold those resources illegally in to the smugglers of different countries of the world. At the end, it became number one terrorist organization of the world with the strong financial position in the world. This is the terrorist organization that fixed the pay in the group very first time in the history of terrorism. The organization is equipped with the all types of latest war equipments because of its strong financial position.

Contrary to all those facts discussed above, you will be surprised to know that ISIS is facing financial crisis in the country now.  There earning source is limited and most of them are now under the control of security forces of Iraq and coalition forces. Now they are fighting for their lives and looking some money to stay in the country for some more days. The oil fields on the border areas of Iraq and Syria were big source of funding for this organization. The coalition forces led by US forces have weakened their financial power to weaken their operational power in the region. Most of those oil fields and oil wells are destroyed by air strikes by coalition forces. ISIS is selling the homes of Kurdish people in the Mosul to the common people to raise some funds for their operations. It shows the worst financial position of the organization.


The local news agency claimed there are more than 130 homes that ISIS is selling in the region to raise some funds. Some experts believe that ISIS is not retreating from every corner of the country and looking for some safe places to hide.

Most of the people believe they are planning to move to the Libya in the next few days. They know very well that air strikes will destroy everything in the Mosul including them. Therefore; they need to move somewhere to escape before those air strikes. ISIS had occupied these homes in 2014 when they got control over this city and forced people for displacement in the country.

These properties remained under the usage of ISIS militants who came in the city as displaced ISIS militants. The media reports show that all those residents are asked to leave the properties within specific period of time. These properties are now for sale in the Mosul so that militants could raise some funds for their organization.

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