The Supreme Council reveals the reasons behind the establishment of the national wisdom stream


On Tuesday, The representative of the Supreme Council in Tehran, highlighted the reasons why Ammar al-Hakim, move towards forming a new political trend, noting that “the old leaders of the Supreme Council and influential people demanded a significant role in the course of things.”

The head of the office of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council in Tehran, Majid al-Ghamas, said that Hakim’s departure to the Supreme Council is due to “differences of views on how to run the Council and the political outlook of issues such as formations and some daily issues in Iraq and benefit from the energies of this country like youth and other classes.”

He added that “these differences led to the introduction of a new vision based on allowing the other leaders to act in their way in the administration of the Council and establish Ammar al-Hakim a new form to be active in Iraq after the elections in the framework of the unified political process in Iraq, Stream of national wisdom “.

He continued that “the central consultation during the era of the martyr Mr. Mohammed Baqir al-Hakim and the late Mr. Abdul Aziz al-Hakim have been changed to the Political Bureau through the approval of the General Assembly of the Supreme Council,” adding that “the old leaders of the Supreme Council and influential people demanded a major role in the course of things and they believed that the Central Shura You have to interfere in things, which was the source of the dispute.”

“Some clerics were seeking to run the council where Mr. Ammar paved the ground for them by leaving the council,” he added.

“The division between the Shi’ite parties is not in the interests of the current, but this opportunity can be used in some issues,” Gammas said. “This formation can expand to the whole of Iraq and will open the way for everyone to enter this party and will also have special conditions “He said.

The Iraqi politician pointed out that the ground is paved for understanding both before and after the elections.

“There were visits to Najaf, but they did not have a private opinion and the decision was delegated to Mr. Hakim. Given the status of the Islamic Republic, the status of the leader of the Islamic revolution, and Iran’s positive role,” al-Ghamas said. “It has always been necessary for consultations with the Islamic Republic to be a priority.”

“We also benefit from the Iranian political advisors in the war,” he said. “Iranian officials also stressed the need to preserve the unity of the martyrdom forces of the mihrab, as well as the unity of Iraq.”

On the possibility of participation of different currents in the new party, he said that “Mr. Ammar addressed his speech in the statement to the whole of Iraq, but there are limitations in the nature of the case, and has not yet been submitted to the constitution of the party is under study.”

As for joining the new party, he said, “I prefer the opinion of Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, that he has done a lot of work and the activities of the Supreme Council in his era has developed a lot.”

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